a SANE frontend for acquiring multiple images from scanners equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF)

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scanadf is a command-line SANE frontend modelled on scanimage that offers some additional capabilities that are suited towards document scanners with automatic document feeders.



SANE Backends with ADF Support

The following table is the mostly the result of my reading through the source code for the various backends. As such, it should be taken with several grains of salt. As indicated in the table only the bh and hp backends have actually been tested with scanadf.

Reports from the field or the backend authors are most welcome and I'll include any such reports here.

Backend SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS Enabled Tested with scanadf Comments
bh detected in sense handler
(key/code/qual = 0x09/0x00/0x05)
by default Yes Without an ADF installed, the scanner utilizes a semi automatic feed tray which has a timeout associated with it. If a document is not fed within the timeout period, the scanner reports this timeout. This backend returns SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS when this timeout occurs.
hp detected by an inquiry command
requires patch
--scan-from-adf option must be specified Yes When invoked without the --scan-from-adf option, the scanner will still feed paper in from the feeder, but the out-of-paper condition will never be detected and scanadf will run forever, repeatedly scanning the empty bed when there is no more paper.
microtek2 detected in sense handler
(key/code/qual = 0x04/0x53/0x00)
--source option No  
mustek detected in sense handler
(result[0] = 0x83 , result[2] & 0x02)
--source option Yes [From Henning Meier-Geinitz]
All Mustek scanners with ADF I have access to work with scanadf without problems. There are some bugs in the Mustek backend concerning ADF but these are not related to the paper transport directly (calibration is missing and there seem to be linedistance correction problems in color mode). I have tested the following Mustek scanners:
  • Legal Size 3-pass: Paragon 12000CX, Paragon 6000CX
  • Legal Size 1-pass: Paragon 8000SP, Paragon 12000SP
  • A4 Size 1-pass: Paragon 800 II SP, Paragon 600 II CD, Paragon MFC-600SP
snapscan detected in sense handler
(key/code/qual = 0x09/0x00/0x05)
by default No  
umax detected in sense handler
(key/code/qual = 0x03/0x14/0x01)
--source option Yes  
artec detected in sense handler
(sense[18] & 0x02)
by default No SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS is not returned; out-of-paper in the ADF is treated as an error
m3096g detected in sense handler
((0x80 == asc) && (0x03 == ascq))
--source option No  
sp15c detected in sense handler
((0x80 == asc) && (0x03 == ascq))
--source option No  
canon   by default No  

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