a SANE backend for Bell and Howell Copiscan II series document scanners

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Backend Version Status Supported Devices Manual Page
Manufacturer Model Comment
bh 0.2 NEW! Bell and Howell COPISCAN II 6338 Duplex Scanner with ACE - development model sane-bh
COPISCAN II 2135 Simplex Scanner - not tested
COPISCAN II 2137(A) Simplex Scanner (with ACE) - limited testing
COPISCAN II 2138A Simplex Scanner with ACE - not tested
COPISCAN II 3238 Simplex Scanner - not tested
COPISCAN II 3338(A) Simplex Scanner (with ACE) - not tested
COPISCAN 8000 Series Mark Temple is working on this now. Looks very good so far!

Copiscan II 6338
Supports scanners such as the 6338 duplex model. Wow, what a scanner!
Some of the advanced features of these scanners are:
  • Automatic Document Feeder - two versions of the feeder, the Accufeed and the Accufeed Plus are available with 50 and 500 sheet capacity respectively.
  • Automatic Border Detection - the scanner is capable of recognizing the size of the paper being scanned and automatically adjusts the scan window to the appropriate size for the document.
  • Duplex operation - scans both sides of the document in a single pass.
  • Hardware based image compression - the scanner can return various compressed image formats (CCITT G3, CCITT G3-2D, CCITT G4) as well as uncompressed data.
  • Barcode/Patchcode decoding - the scanner can recognize and decode various bar and patch codes and return the decoded data.


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