Martone Computer Consulting

Some of our Projects

Here's an overview of some of our recent projects. We focus on database solutions with web based interfaces.

Business Engine Server Tool

The Business Engine Server Tool (BEST) is the central, key component in a financial reporting and analysis solution for a major financial institution in New York City. This advanced, web-based, financial system provides secure, high-performance, and detailed analysis of financial data to bankers worldwide.

ScanStation Document Imaging

A financial institution in NYC needed a document imaging solution to allow their compliance unit to oversee the personal trading of its employees which work in sensitive areas.

ScanStation provides a robust, high-performance document capture, storage and web-based retrieval solution which integrates directly with their desktop-based compliance system.

SANE backend for Bell+Howell Document Scanners

sane-bh, a high-performance driver for Bell+Howell document scanners, is one component of the ScanStation solution.

This is available as part of the SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy project.